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Industry Sectors

Our clients markets are as diverse as their applications, our versatility is key and through this TFC offer:

  • A comprehensive selection of industry standard components
  • Consolidated purchasing power
  • Indepth understanding of many technologies.
TFC Services - Industry Sectors

TFC Services - Industry Sectors

Automated Teller Machines


Automated Teller Machines: For over 20 years TFC have been a manufacturing partner with the world’s leading manufacturer of ATM’s. We support their global demand for wiring harnesses and supply multiple manufacturing locations with extremely complex wiring harnesses and other assemblies. TFC operates a sophisticated ordering system which incorporates EDI input straight to our ERP system, allowing us to ensure maximum flexibility to a volatile sector.

Aerial Access & Construction Equipment

Aerial Access Platforms & Construction Equipment: We support clients in these sectors with heavy duty cable assemblies using larger gauge material and more rugged and robust components. TFC also manufactures operator control panels and instrumentation and engine management systems. Our clients products endure a harsh working life and need to be operational in the most extreme conditions. TFC help make this possible through the quality of our products.

Commercial Catering & Foodservice Equipment

Commercial Catering & Food Service Equipment: Our products are just as likely to be found inside many pieces of equipment used in commercial catering operations and foodservice outlets ranging from commercial microwave ovens, fryers, range cookers and drinks dispensing equipment. This sector utilizes many special high temperature rated components and wire, some of which requires specific processing techniques to ensure product quality. TFC have an excellent understanding of the safety implications of defective wiring in these applications and go to extreme measures to ensure our quality.

Control & Instrumentation

Control & Instrumentation: TFC produce a variety of products that are often critical components in the operational safety and control of machinery and processes. The assemblies use a wide variety of components and materials are often the user interface, so attention to detail and a high level of finish is important.

Analytical Instrumentation

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Analytical Instruments: TFC have become a recognized supplier within this sector, enjoying relationships with several of the most prestigious OEMs. We provide high quality, hand soldered, technically complex cable assemblies, tested to stringent standards. Our clients products are sophisticated, sensitive, high value analytical instruments, system integrity and performance are key factors and is why they use TFC.

Gaming & Vending Equipment

Gaming & Vending Equipment: Everyday items are often technically complex inside and the Vending and Gaming industry are very good examples of this principal. TFC is a known supplier to these industries, providing sound technical solutions to the ever evolving and increasingly complicated functions of these machines. Both these sectors are extremely reactive to the end users feedback and subsequent customer demand. Necessitating an extremely flexible approach to the manufacturing support required to satisfy our customers ever changing schedules.

Heat, Ventilation & Control

Heat, Ventilation & Control: TFC are a proven supplier with track record of servicing the high volume demands of the Gas & Oil fired boiler manufacturers. Product quality and electrical safety are critical factors when considering the consequences of getting it wrong with these appliances and greatly influence the choice of supplier.

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