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World Class Manufacturing

At TFC we pride ourselves on our professional approach to the business of manufacturing. Our processes are designed to:

  • Maximise efficiencies
  • Minimize ‘waste’
  • Design cost out and reliability in.
world class manufacturing


World Class Manufacturing

TFC like all good electronics manufacturers aspire to and use the principles of WCM - World Class Manufacturing. WCM is not a quality mark nor does it have a certification process. WCM is an umbrella term containing three sub sections:

  • Total quality management (TQM)
  • Employee involvement
  • Lean manufacturing

With TQM we try to insure that the process is controlled in such a way that the possibility of defects is significantly reduced. However, you can’t implement TQM without the other sections. For example if you take employee involvement - the principal is that before you can get a process that’s in control, you must let the people who are involved with the process make decisions about it. They need to walk through the process and ask what’s wrong and how can we improve it - that’s called continuous improvement.

TFC utilise a combination of small teams (cells) and traditional linear manufacturing to satisfy the diverse range of products required by our customers. All employees are actively encouraged to participate in the continuous improvement process.

Lean manufacturing is all about producing product with the least amount of waste. The basic principal at TFC is ‘let’s have no waste in the process’, and that includes work in process (WIP). Waste, whether in materials, labour or downtime must be paid for and it is normally with the customer that the cost buck stops. Therefore at TFC waste elimination is included in the continual cost reduction programs we run for our customers.

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