TFC Systems

Manufacturing Systems

TFC operates a variety of manufacturing systems and processes. We always strive to incorporate Lean Manufacturing principals throughout the process from materials handling to assembly. TFC are focused on continuous improvement and actively encourage Kaisen activities.

We value our workforce and invest heavily in training to ensure our skills matrix is comprehensive. Team based working is the main operational mode with multi-functional teams having total ownership of customer accounts. Multi-functional teams consist of an Engineer, Planner/Buyer, Team Leader and Quality Auditor. The purpose of the team is to continually improve costs and processes whilst meeting customer requirements.

IT Systems

TFC operate a fully integrated ERP system called X3 v5. ERP uses HTML technology to ultimately allow online real time access to TFC customers. X3 is a windows based manufacturing system which incorporates, manufacturing, purchasing, sales order processing and financial management.

The main benefit of the TFC manufacturing system lies in the dynamics of the planning workbench. Customer demands, which are constantly being updated, when viewed through the planning workbench shows on-line capacity planning, eliminating the need for traditional M.P.S.

Over the last decade TFC have made continuous investment in hardware and software, in order to keep pace within a dynamic industry. We also operate a full EDI for customers from order receipt to kan-ban trigger and self-billing.

Quality Systems

TFC are and BS EN ISO 9001:2000 & UL approved company. These standards provide clients with confidence in our ability to produce quality assured assemblies which comply worldwide. Our annual audits by NQA and UL consistently report no non-compliances, our internal auditors continuously audit our systems and provide focus for area’s of potential improvement.

All workmanship is carried out to IPC WHMA-620 standard whilst all quality related topics and controlled via proprietary software called Q-Pulse, which controls, engineering change, customer returns, training records, machine and tooling calibration etc, providing an enterprise wide interface to all aspects of TFC quality.

TFC are fully committed to providing best practice standards in quality, reliability, delivery and cost of products by constantly reviewing and improving our business processes.

TFC will take the voice of our Customers first in all aspects of our business, and endeavor to consistently meet and exceed the service level requirements and expectations of our Customers.